We have a litter once a year, or every other year.

We want you to have thought through getting a dog , and that you are prepared for it.

1Show interest as soon as possible after your decision, because then it's easier for me to know what you want, and what kind of dog I can offer you, if it's a show dog, or activity training, agility, or a little new best friend or family member.

It's wise to give yourself some time before you buy a puppy, because there are so many things that need preparation. Close off stairs, for instance, remove poisonous plants, choose a place for the puppy to sleep, buy some equipment. The most important thing is that you want a dog, and that you have the time, willingness to care for, and a good home for the little one.

The puppies grow up in the countryside.

They move from the puppy room to the kitchen when they're around 4 weeks old, where they have free interaction with the adult dogs, but they have their own fenced in area where they sleep.

The puppies learn a lot from being able to freely play with the other dogs in the pack. Melis the Boxer is everyone's heroin, she loves to nurse them, play with them,  and lay down with them. She is the nicest Auntie in the world from day one. The adult dogs get to come visit the puppies in the puppy room early, only a few minutes the first time. This is very valuable, because then they settle down.

We have people over every other day when they reach 4 weeks, children, adults and senior citizens. The puppies get to go on car rides, and we take them to the mall one by one. We also take one at the time to visit with the neighbors. And they get to meet other dogs.

The puppies have a cage in their own area in addition to their sleeping place, so they are used to cages and often go there for naps.

Our puppies are very socialized, and secure dogs. We get feedback from puppy buyers that they have received a finished puppy they can just keep enjoying. The pup will learn simple things like coming when you call them with a sound, and the ones born in spring will learn how to do their business outside. At least now and then!!

You will get some equipment from us. You will get advice, and all the follow-up you need for as long as you need it. That goes without saying.

You will come in contact with others, who have dogs from us, if you want to. That can be a nice, fun, safe and educational experience.

If you are thinking about getting a Boston Terrier puppy, you are welcome to stop by for a non-obligational visit, or a phone call.

Please use the email address on the contact page and we will get back to you.